What Is the Backstory of Halo 4's Master Chief?


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The backstory of "Halo 4's" Master Chief is of an augmented soldier named John-117. The character was born in 2511 in a human colony settlement on the planet Erinadus II. At the age of 6, he was taken covertly from his home alongside other children and replaced with clones. He was taken to the planet Reach, where he and the other children were trained to be "Spartan-II" supersoldiers.

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By the start of "Halo 4," Master Chief had emerged from a five-year cryogenic sleep that began at the end of the previous game. The end of "Halo 3" saw him stranded in space on a damaged cargo section of a destroyed UNSC frigate. On Earth, Master Chief was recorded as missing in action by the UNSC command, though many presumed he was dead.

As part of the "Spartan-II' program, John-117 was one of only 33 survivors of the program's harsh training. At the age of 41, he and the other Spartans were deployed against the threat of the Covenant. During his briefing with the UNSC high command on Reach, John-117's armor was given an upgrade, and he was provided a companion called Cortana. When wearing the upgraded Master Chief armor, John-117 weighs approximately 1,000 pounds.

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