What Are Some Backflip Studios Games?

What Are Some Backflip Studios Games?

As of 2015, Backflip Studios produces the games “Seabeard,” “Bounce the Bunny,” “Epic Island,” “Spellfall” and “Twister Tap.” The company also publishes game series, such as “Paper Toss,” “NinJump” and “Dragonvale.”

Backflip Studios designs popular mobile games for tablets and smartphones. In “Spellfall,” players match rune-themed tiles to clear each grid. Winning a level helps the player obtain new magical spells and skills to defeat opponents.

The “NinJump” series features vertical courses with exotic and fantasy-themed backdrops. Players must navigate around obstacles, such as sea serpents and flying arrows, to jump to the top of each course. Other games in the series add new objectives, including real-time racing and coin collecting.

The original “Paper Toss” takes place in a realistic office environment where the player attempts to shoot crumpled balls of paper into wastebaskets around the office. The player controls the speed and trajectory to aim at wastebaskets set at varying distances. “Paper Toss” sequels offer new environments, such as foreign countries, and players are challenged by moving targets and nosy co-workers while using a wider range of projectiles, including bananas and grenades.

"Epic Island" is a fantasy-themed adventure game that allows players to train heroes and test their skills against fierce creatures. Players earn armor with higher defensive stats, and can fight against friends in real time.