How Do You Get a Baby to Sleep for Newborn Photography?


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Newborn photography sessions are usually scheduled during the first 14 days of a baby's life. This is most often the time when it is easiest to have the baby sleep soundly during the whole photo session.

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Planning ahead is key to creating an optimal atmosphere for the photography session and for helping the photographer get the best pictures. Turn the heat on a little higher, as newborns are used to being bundled up. Having the heat at a higher than normal temperature helps the baby stay warm when the photographer needs to remove her swaddling. If it is not possible to turn up the heat, use a portable heater or keep warm blankets nearby to use in between shots.

Make sure the baby is well-fed before the session. The baby is more likely to sleep comfortably if her appetite is fully satisfied. Plan to feed the baby as close to the start of the session as possible. Also, plan to have noise in the room. The womb is very noisy, and background sounds, such as white noise or soft music, can help lull the baby into a gentle sleep. Lastly, try to keep the baby awake for a couple of hours prior to the photo session. By the time the pictures are ready to be taken, the baby is more than ready to take a nap.

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