What Are Some Free Baby Blanket Quilt Patterns?

What Are Some Free Baby Blanket Quilt Patterns?

Some free baby blanket quilt patterns include a traditional basket weave quilt, a monogram crib quilt and a brightly colored crayon box quilt. Two more baby blanket quilt patterns with free instructions online are the quarter cut baby quilt and precious peeps quilt.

The basket weave baby blanket quilt is a traditionally styled quilt based on the well-known 2-inch square pattern. This quilt, however, is made in a completely non-traditional manner, as the entire quilt top is woven and not sewn. The block stitching design that makes it a quilt is achieved while sewing the top to the backing.

The monogram baby quilt uses large sections of seven different prints. Free online instructions explain how to customize the quilt for a boy or girl, as well as how to create and appliqué the monogram letter.

The unique construction of the crayon box quilt involves cutting squares and assembling them into two-toned triangle designs before stitching the quilt top. The finished quilt example uses six bright colors on white, evoking the crayons for which the pattern is named.

The quarter-cut baby quilt is made with quilter-friendly pre-cut fat quarter pieces, and it features a rounded edge with self-binding. The precious peeps baby blanket is backed with soft flannel and includes an adorable sheep on each 14-inch square. The pattern for making the sheep is included with the free online instructions.