What Are Some Baby Alive Accessories?


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Hasbro offers many different separate accessories for its Baby Alive doll including diapers, bottles, drinking cups, snack sets and food sets. Most new Baby Alive dolls are packaged with some accessories included, such as medical accessories, birthday accessories and feeding accessories.

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Because Baby Alive wets and soils its diapers, Hasbro sells two different styles of diaper packs. Diapers are available with a pink trim or multiple colors trim and are sold in packages of six.

Baby Alive baby bottles and drinking cups are available in three packs. The bottles and cups are only intended for Baby Alive dolls and are intended only to hold water. Drinking cups are available in a variety of shapes and colors.

For the Super Snackin' Baby Alive, Hasbro offers several snack sets. Snacks include pizza, cookies and noodles. Each set includes reusable doll food that is rolled out and cut into food shapes for Baby Alive to eat.

The Baby Alive Party Baby is sold with first birthday party accessories. The doll comes dressed in a first birthday tutu dress with matching headband and packaged with a noisemaker and party hat.

The Better Now Baby doll comes with accessories for caring for a sick doll. Pre-programmed with six symptoms, this doll talks and tells its owner what hurts. Accessories include bandages, a syringe, a medicine bottle, a thermometer and a stethoscope to care for the doll.

The My Baby All Gone doll eats, drinks and dirties its diapers. Accessories packaged with this doll include a bottle, food bowl, spoon, diapers and food mix.

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