What Are Some Avon Collectible Aftershave Bottles?

Some collectible Avon aftershave bottles include the car-shaped ones for the Wild Country cologne, such as the 1937 Cord and the '51 Studebaker, and the horse-themed bottles, such as the Pony Express for the Leather aftershave and horseshoe bottle for the Spicy aftershave. Vintage novelty bottles are highly collectible.

Other sought-after Avon aftershave bottle designs are the Noble Prince Wild Country, "At Point" Deep Woods and the Sea Trophy Wild Country. The first novelty containers were introduced in the 1960s. Over the years, Avon has produced a lot of unique and beautiful bottles for their aftershaves, colognes and perfumes. Although the selling prices are not high, there is still an active collectors market for Avon vintage novelty bottles.