What Are Some Automatic Song Generators That Let You Make up Your Own Songs?


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A variety of websites offer automatic song generation, including JukeDeck.com, Juke-Bot.com, AthTek.com and Tones.Wolfram.com. In addition, sites like WriterBot.com and SongLyricsGenerator.com compose song lyrics based on user-supplied information about topics such as genre and subject matter.

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Juke Deck creates original music compositions from three user-selected variables. These include the desired genre, emotion and run-time of the song. Possible genres are folk, rock, electronic and ambient, while options for the song's mood include uplifting, corporate, melancholic and aggressive. To create an automatic song with Juke Bot, a user uploads content from sources ranging from YouTube.com videos to movies and video games. The software analyzes the uploaded data for colors, rhythm and content and then generates music based on an algorithm.

Scientist Stephan Wolfram offers the software WolframTones, which combines music theory and math algorithms to produce original musical pieces, while AthTek DigiBand software offers auto-composition and accompaniment options.

The website Song Lyric Generator creates original song lyrics based on the genre and a user's answers to several questions. Writerbot works in a similar manner, where a user selects a genre, such as country or rap, and then an emotion. RapPad.com is used to create a rap song about any word entered into the website.

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