How Do You Attach a Guitar Strap?

How Do You Attach a Guitar Strap?

Installing a new guitar strap is a simple process, but if it isn't done properly, it can have devastating effects on the guitar. The process can be done in minutes and requires nothing but the straps and the guitar.

  1. Find the buttons

    Start by examining the body of the guitar to ensure the buttons for the strap are in the correct places. There should be one at the far end of the body and one next to the neck pointing upwards. These buttons indicate where the strap needs to be mounted.

  2. Examine the strap

    At each end of the strap, there should be a slit that opens into a small circle. The slits should be tight; if they aren't, the strap may slide off the button and cause your guitar to fall to the floor. Slide the slits over the buttons at each end of the guitar.

  3. Test it out

    Make sure that the strap will hold the guitar without slipping. Put the strap over your shoulder and let the guitar dangle over the floor, but keep your hands under it in case it falls. As long as the strap holds the guitar on its own strength, you have successfully attached it.