How Do I Attach a Clasp to a Leather Cord Necklace?

To put a clasp on a leather cord necklace, slip metal coil ends over the leather tips, crimp them in place, fasten jump rings to the coil ends, thread a clasp over one jump ring, and close it with pliers. The supplies you need for this 35-minute procedure are metal coil ends, all-purpose glue, chain-nose pliers, jump rings and a metal clasp.

  1. Install metal coil ends over the leather tips

    Dip one end of the leather cord into multi-purpose glue, and slip a metal coil end over it. Align the leather tips with the end of the findings, but do not allow the leather to protrude beyond. Repeat this step on the other side of the cord. Wait 15 minutes for the glue to dry.

  2. Crimp the coil ends

    Test the glue bonds between the coil ends and leather cord by tugging gently on the metal findings. If the glue is not dry, wait five minutes and test the bonds again. When the glue is set, crimp the coil ends with chain-nose pliers.

  3. Attach the jump rings and clasp

    Open two jump rings with chain-nose pliers, and thread them through the coil ends. Close one of the jump rings by squeezing it with the pliers. Slip a metal clasp over the other jump ring, and then squeeze it closed.