How Do You Assess the Market Value for Collector Plates?


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Many websites, such as Kovels.com, provide pricing information for collectible plates. However, some of these sites require users to create free accounts in order to view prices. For a serious seller, getting an appraisal from an authorized member of the American Society of Appraisers provides the most reliable information on a plate's condition and value. The organization's website allows users to search and find local appraisers.

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A plate's value depends on its condition and how many of that specific plate the manufacturer produced in the particular series; Collector Point provides a guide to identifying collectible plates that explains the different plate markings and their meanings, as well as information on grading plate condition. The plate is not the only piece that factors into the value, either. As with many collectibles, the presence and condition of the original packaging makes the piece more valuable, notes the guide.

Collectors can check auction sites such as eBay for listings of the same or similar plates in order to estimate the current market. Looking for specialized dealers, such as Rockwell Plates, who only buy and sell Norman Rockwell collector plates, can also provide points of reference for pricing, as well as more potential buyers than may be available on the general market.

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