How Do You Assemble a Ping-Pong Table?

How Do You Assemble a Ping-Pong Table?

How Do You Assemble a Ping-Pong Table?

Each brand of ping-pong table might vary in assembly, but the standard assembly takes two adults, the ping-pong table pieces, the assembly kit containing the necessary hardware, and an Allen wrench, screwdriver and adjustable wrench. Assembly kits should contain screws, bolts and hinges to attach the legs and frame of the table.

The following are the assembly directions for a standard indoor ping pong table:

  1. Attach wheels to the ends of center table legs
  2. If the ping pong table comes with wheels, insert them into the ends of the table legs.

  3. Attach hinged bars to the ends of the center table legs
  4. The ping pong table legs will attach to these later in the assembly process.

  5. Attach center table braces to the table legs
  6. Attach the center braces with screws and stand upright.

  7. Attach the end table legs to each side of the ping pong table
  8. Screw the legs on with brackets and fold up against the ping pong table.

  9. Slide the sides of the table into the braces
  10. Attach the two ping pong table pieces with the proper braces and bolts once they are properly placed in the center table brace.

  11. Attach hinged bars to the center of each side of the end table legs.
  12. Screw each hinged bar in with a bracket to the midsection of the end table legs that were earlier attached to the ping pong table pieces.