How Do You Assemble a Little Tikes Fire Truck Bed?

How Do You Assemble a Little Tikes Fire Truck Bed?

Assemble as Little Tikes fire truck bed by attaching the axles and wheels, installing eyes and decals, installing the steering wheel and bumper, adding the ladders, then filling and installing the tank. Instructions on how to assemble a Little Tikes fire truck are available on the company website.

Assemble the rear axle. Next, put one rear wheel on the axle, place the axle on the body of the vehicle, then install the second rear wheel. Use capnuts to hold the wheels on.

Once front wheels are installed, place decals on the front and install the eyes. Install the steering wheel, then the front bumper. After this, install ladders by placing them in the space provided at the sides of the bed of the truck and screwing them into place with the six screws provided.

Fill the tank with one gallon of clean tap water. Screw all caps down tight, and install the tank onto bed of truck by placing it in the space provided. Install final decals on the vehicle. Pump the tank to pressurize it, and test the nozzle sprayer.

A link to a PDF file with detailed diagrams of assembly is located under the Instructions tab on the Little Tikes website's product page for the fire truck. Detailed diagrams list all items included for assembly. Written

instructions advise inspection of all parts for deterioration, cracks, softness and brittleness before assembling. Any inferior parts should be replaced for safety purposes.

Numbered detailed drawings in sequential order illustrate how to assemble the product in an easy format. Letters identify parts to be assembled together, and tools used in assembly are shown.