What Apps Unscramble Letters for Word Games?


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Some apps that unscramble words include "Unscrambler" on Google Play, "Word Uncrambler" on the Amazon Appstore, "Word Unscrambler" on the iOS App Store and "Word Unscrambler Free" on the iOS App Store, as of 2015. These apps allow users to enter a series of letters and receive possible word combinations.

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What Apps Unscramble Letters for Word Games?
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A word unscrambler app is a program that allows the user to receive potential words based on a series of letters. They are most often used as a means of solving different word scramble puzzle games. In this type of game, the player receives a series of letters in a random order and must create a specific word or series of words. The exact rules of each game vary, but typically they require the player to use all available letters.

Most word unscrambler apps find solutions based on a preconfigured dictionary of English words, though due to the nature of mobile apps, it is possible for the creator to update the app with a new dictionary. Each app also includes different restrictions and guidelines for use. For example, "Unscrambler" by Rajam Rahgu only works with a minimum of three letters and a maximum of 20 letters. Some apps also display potential words that use a smaller amount of letters than what the user enters.

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