How Do You Appraise the Value of a 1942 Dime?

Using coin value sites such as and determining the quality of the coin is one way to appraise a 1942 dime. The value of a dime from 1942 in good condition is $1.32, whereas a 1942 dime in fine condition is worth $1.58, as of June 2015.

When considering the value of any coin, collectors break them into different quality categories: good, fine, extremely fine and uncirculated. The uncirculated coins typically shine with luster and show no signs of wear, whereas a coin in good condition shows noticeable wear.

One rare type of 1942 dimes is called a 1942/41 coin because of a minting error in which the government had to punch the number two over the number one in the date on the coins. The government released very few of these coins into circulation, which has increased the value of the coin for collectors.

The market value of a 1942/41 dime varies depending on condition, but the average value ranges between $253 to $1,916, with an uncirculated coin worth the most. Collectors can spot a 1942/41 dime by looking closely at the date on the front of the coin. Using a magnifying glass, collectors can clearly see the remains of the number one because the number two wasn't punched directly over the existing number.