How Do You Apply Zombie Makeup?


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To apply zombie makeup, wash and dry your face, and apply a white paint base coat. Create shadows around the eyes and underneath cheeks with black paint, and paint your eyes green to create a sunken look. Bloat your face with purple paint, and define the protruding areas with yellow paint.

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  1. Clean your face, apply base coat and create fake shadows

    Wash your face with soap and water, and dry it. Use a makeup sponge to apply a base coat of white paint on your face. Cover the area around your eyes with black paint, and paint the edges white. Apply black paint underneath the cheeks and temples to create fake shadows. Blend in the shadows to white.

  2. Create a sunken look, and bloat the face

    Add green paint under the eyes to create a sunken look, and blend the edges of the color in to white. Add purple paint randomly to various parts of your face to reflect a bloating dead body. Paint around your eyes with black again, and blend it in to green to enhance the sunken look.

  3. Define the protrusions, and apply baby powder

    Highlight the protruding areas of your face with a bit of yellow paint to make the face look more dead. Apply baby powder to prevent the makeup from smearing, and add fake blood around your mouth and nose. Add conditioner to your hair, and scatter the hair to make it messy.

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