How Do You Apply Giraffe Face Paint?

To apply giraffe face paint, sketch the outline, add the colors, contour and finish with details. Applying giraffe face paint takes approximately 30 minutes and requires black eyeliner, makeup sponges, a makeup brush and face paint in black, white, orange and brown-orange.

  1. Create the outlines

    Use black face paint to color in the nostrils, extending out from the natural nostrils. Use a black eye pencil to sketch the mouth area from the nostrils to the chin. Extend up around the eyes and across the forehead to make the top of the giraffe's head. Include the ears at the top corners of the forehead.

  2. Add white paint

    Apply white face paint with a makeup sponge around the eyes, across the cheeks and at the tip of the nose.

  3. Add orange coloring

    Use a fresh makeup sponge to apply orange face paint across the forehead, at the top of the cheeks, under the nose and across the chin, always staying within the black outline. Also, fill in the ears. Use brown-orange face paint to contour near the mouth and at the tips of the ears.

  4. Line the eyes

    Use black eyeliner to line the eyes top and bottom. Draw two lines out from the corner that meet at the edge of the eyebrow. Fill this with the brown-orange face paint.

  5. Add the spots

    Use a makeup brush and the brown-orange face paint to create spots across the forehead, down the nose and across the cheeks. The spots should be uneven but around the same size.

  6. Add details

    Use the black eyeliner to create tufts of hair at the top of each ear, on the forehead and on the chin.