How Do You Apply a Cherry Stain?

apply-cherry-stain Credit: MorePixels/E+/Getty Images

The surface of the wood or furniture that needs to be stained is first prepared by sanding with the appropriate grit sandpaper. After sanding, wipe the piece of wood or furniture free of any debris using a tack cloth. Using a small paintbrush, brush the cherry stain onto the surface in the direction of the wood grain. Immediately after brushing, wipe the excess stain from the wood with a cloth.

The stain should be wiped from the surface in a sweeping motion, following the same direction as the wood grain. It is recommended that a mask or respirator is worn and windows are open for proper ventilation of the stain's fumes. The first coat should be allowed to dry completely before a second coat of stain is applied. Multiple coats of cherry stain can be applied until the desired tone is reached.

When first preparing the piece, the furniture should be sanded using medium and fine grade sandpapers. A medium grit, such as 120 or 150, removes old finish and surface scratches. A fine grit 220 sandpaper delivers a final light sanding just before the stain application and ensures the wood is smooth.

Once the piece is stained and completely dry, a final finish product can be applied to protect the surface. Polyurethane, shellac and varnish products should be applied with a natural bristle brush to provide a finish coat that protects the wood from everyday wear and tear.