How Do You Answer a Jumble?

How Do You Answer a Jumble?

The goal of a jumble is to unscramble each group of letters to form a word. After you write down the correct answer to each clue, look back at all the circled letters. Unscramble those letters to solve the final puzzle at the bottom of each jumble. Find the word by rearranging the letters in your head, by writing down different word possibilities or by using an online jumble-solving site, such as or

When unscrambling each word, look for letters that often go together, like "qu" or "ing." That helps narrow down the choices. For instance, if a word has "ing" in it, the rest of the letters probably form an action word.

If you can't solve the clue just by looking at it, try writing all the letters in a circle or clump. Looking at the letters in a formation other than a line can help you see all the possibilities. Alternatively, write each letter down on a small scrap of paper. Move the scraps around until they form a word.

An online jumble solver can unscramble any group of letters if you get stuck.

Jumble solutions are typically fairly common words consisting of between about five and eight letters.