What Are Some of the "Annoying Orange" Games?


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Some of the online "Annoying Orange" games include "Escape from Dr. Fruitenstein" and "Annoying Orange Pinball." Mobile "Annoying Orange" games for Android devices include "Annoying Orange: Splatter" and "Annoying Orange: Carnage."

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"Annoying Orange Pinball" utilizes the left and right arrow keys to simulate an actual pinball machine. Pressing the left arrow activates the left paddle, while pressing the right arrow activates the right paddle. To launch a ball, the player must hold down the space bar, which pulls back the plunger, and release it to send the ball out into the play field.

The game "Escape from Dr. Fruitenstein" involves clicking on different fruit monsters, meant to resemble the creature from the book "Frankenstien," to cause them to shatter various obstacles in each level. The goal of the game is to cause all the fruit monsters to smash into each other, destroying them and earning points in the process.

Both of the "Annoying Orange" games for Android devices focus on destroying the titular oranges and other fruit being by using a variety of kitchen tools. For example, the game "Annoying Orange: Splatter" allows the user to destroy the fruits using blenders, a kitchen stove or knives in order to earn points.

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