What Is Animal Jam: Play Wild?

The online game Animal Jam: Play Wild is a software program developed by National Geographic that lets children explore nature and wildlife in a game setting. Animal Jam serves as an educational tool and popular pastime activity for children who are enthusiastic about the natural world. It features an interactive layout where children create fictional animal characters, assume ownership of pets and even talk to fellow players and professionals.

Ultimately, Animal Jam helps children learn more about specific animal species and understand the relationship between those animals and their natural environments. Children play as individual computer users, but they interact with other players through chat rooms and message boards. Children begin the program by building their characters or acquiring animals as pets. They then take their animals on fictional journeys in the setting of a large playground.

Although they log in as individual users, children may participate in team events with fellow players. Groups might engage in games, have their animals attend parties and collaborate on many other activities. Players gather information on their animals through the game, and they may pose questions on chat boards to scientists and National Geographic staff. Ultimately, the game fosters an appreciation for conservation and animal welfare. Children may supplement their learning by completing relevant activities offline, too.