What Is Aniline-Dyed Leather?


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Aniline-dyed leather is treated with soluble pigments and contains no sealer, paint or insoluble dyes. This type of leather still looks like skin and has visible pores and other imperfections. It is not waterproof. A similar product called semi-aniline leather has the same rustic appearance but has a sealed top layer, which protects it from moisture and stains.

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What Is Aniline-Dyed Leather?
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Another variant is pull up aniline leather. It has the natural look characteristic of other aniline leathers and also has an aged, distressed surface. This comes from liberal oil treatments during the curing process. Pull up leather is vulnerable to scratching and scuffing.

According to LeatherMaster UK, aniline leather is extremely expensive because it requires perfect hides. Its buttery softness makes it the top choice for luxurious leather upholstery. Some retailers call it "full aniline" or "sauvage" leather to distinguish it from pull up and semi-aniline product. Semi-aniline and pull up aniline leathers are almost as soft as full aniline leather.

Pigmented leather is injected with dyes, pigments and sealants that protect it from water damage, stains and scratching. LeatherMaster UK explains that the pigments also reduce the appearance of imperfections, such as scars and visible pores. Pigmented leather also resists fading. Each piece of pigmented leather is machine-embossed to ensure a uniform grain pattern.

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