What Are Some Amusing Facts About "Minecraft"?


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One amusing fact about "Minecraft" is that the developer, Markus Persson, originally named the game "Cave Game." Another amusing fact is that the Creeper character was created accidentally when coders wrote the wrong code for a pig. The coders kept it, gave it a funny face and made it explosive.

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The nation of Denmark held a campaign to excite the country's children about geography by replicating the country exactly, down to the block. Unfortunately, someone hacked into the server and blew up the cities of Denmark and placed American flags in the debris. In the country of Stockholm, "Minecraft" is a required piece of the curriculum for children aged 13 in the hope that the game will engender creative thinking skills.

"Minecraft" creator Markus Persson created the first version of the game in only six days in 2009, and it was released the day after he finished. After the initial release, Persson's company, Mojang, made changes to the game for two years until the full version of the game was finished on November 18, 2011. Persson does play the game, and his avatar is unique in that it drops apples when it is killed, setting it apart from any other player. The map of the game is unending; however, the farther out a player travels, the more glitches he encounters.

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