What Is an Amish Folded-Star Pattern?


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In quilting, an Amish folded-star pattern is a block pattern formed by nine smaller blocks. Each smaller block is made of four, five or six triangles in three colors. Put together, the nine blocks create the image of a star. This pattern is considered traditional in Amish-style quilts.

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Although the Amish folding star appears complex, it does not require sophisticated technique. Because all the pieces involved are sewn along straight lines, the Amish folding star is considered suitable for intermediate quilters. Instructions for making the pattern are readily available in craft books, craft magazines and on the Internet.

The folding star is an example of patterns commonly found in pieced quilts. Pieced quilts are those in which the top of the quilt (the surface that will be exposed to view) is made of smaller pieces of fabrics that have been sewn ("pieced") together to form the surface. These quilts are valued for their color and beauty but are also practical ways to use scraps of cloth too small for making clothing or other articles.

Womenfolk.com points out that traditional Amish quilting tends to be conservative in its choices of fabric and colors. Nonetheless, virtually any fabric, color or pattern suitable for quilting can be adapted for use in the folding star pattern.

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