What Amenities Are Usually Included When Offering Rooms for Rent From Your Home?


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Amenities included when offering rooms for rent in a home depend on the room itself; rooms that feature private bathrooms or entrances typically rent for a higher rate. Other possible amenities to include are utility bills, Internet access, laundry facilities or dedicated parking spots.

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Renting out a spare bedroom or basement is a common way to earn extra income. Each city and state has different laws regarding what is necessary to rent a room versus an on-site apartment, commonly referred to as an in-law, so check housing laws to avoid potential violations. Once a home owner determines what spaces are legal to rent in her home, she needs to prepare a listing on a classifieds site such as Craigslist.

A listing should include multiple clear pictures of the room to give potential renters an idea of what the area looks like. The room should be cleaned and staged to look inviting because many renters avoid spaces that look dilapidated or dangerous. In some cases, the home owner may need to conduct repairs on the room prior to renting it, but these expenses are tax deductible. The listing should also include a clear description of the room's features and any amenities included in the rent.

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