What Are Some Ambulance-Driving Games?


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Some ambulance-driving games are "Ambulance Truck Driver," "Ambulance Madness," "Ambulance Driving Simulation" and "Emergency Ambulance 3D." The first two games are available online at SilverGames.com and AGame.com, respectively. The latter two games are app-based and are available on Google Play.

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What Are Some Ambulance-Driving Games?
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The objective of "Ambulance Truck Driver" is to deliver the patient to his destination as quickly and as safely as possible. A rough ride puts the patient at risk for further injury, so drivers must avoid collisions and sharp turns. Drivers win insurance payouts for each successful trip.

To get to the hospital safely in "Ambulance Madness," players use the arrow keys to drive and the space bar to put the ambulance in autodrive. In autodrive mode, the ambulance drives automatically, traffic signals turn green, and all other cars get out of the way. This feature is helpful when the player is using mouse keys to administer life-saving treatment to the passenger.

"Ambulance Driving Simulation" is a realistic simulation game in which players must pick up people who have sustained injuries in a traffic jam. It features 3D graphics, realistic game physics and easy-to-use controls. "Emergency Ambulance 3D" is also a realistic, 3D, ambulance driving game. It features an open city that enables players to choose the best routes and shortcuts for getting their patients to the hospital as quickly as possible.

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