What Are "Who Am I" Riddles?


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"Who am I" riddles are guessing games in which the person guessing must identify the person or animal described. When the subject is a person, sometimes it is a famous person in history, someone from pop culture or just a person known to everyone who plays.

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The difficultly level of "Who am I" riddles varies from simple games for preschoolers to complex riddles for adults. Preschoolers enjoy guessing the names of family members, pets or other animals from daily life. An example of a toddler riddle is, "I say woof and live in the yard. Who am I?"

Players create riddles extemporaneously for a personalized game or look them up prior to playing at sites such as Riddlers.org. As of 2015, there are 372 "Who am I" riddles listed at this site, and by creating a free account there, enthusiasts are able to submit riddles of their own.

Archaeologists have found riddles that date back thousands of years from the walls of old temples in Japan, China and Tibet. Some of these riddles contain mathematical formulas. Others are clearly games, some of which form the basis of modern games such as chess. Historically, riddles have been an important means of passing folklore between generations, according to InnovateUs.

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