What Are "Who Am I?" Game Questions?

am-game-questions Credit: Son of Groucho/CC-BY 2.0

Questions that can be asked during the "Who Am I?" game include questions about whether the answer is edible, alive or furry. Children should come up with creative "yes" or "no" questions that they can ask during the game to determine what the object is.

To play the "Who Am I?" game, pictures should be cut from magazines, printed off of the Internet or drawn on pieces of paper. One picture should be taped to each child's back and the child should not be able to see what the picture is. The child that is guessing what they are or who they are should ask their peers a series of questions. These questions should only be answered by "yes" or "no" and the child should be sure to remember the answers of the questions that he or she has already asked. The child can continue asking questions until figuring out who he or she is, or there can be a set number of questions that the child is allowed to ask before his or her turn is up.

As a school game, the pictures can be chosen with a theme that is being taught, and older children can have more involved and complicated pictures than younger children.