What Is the "Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction" PC Game?

"Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction" is a PC version of the original game made by EA Games for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The video game was released in 2003; a comparable game for PC was released in 2010.

"Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction" is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that gives the player the option to play in any of three categories: as the aliens, as the predators or as the human marines. The game is made up of seven missions that, once completed, lead to the elimination of one or more of the opposing groups. The game was originally only made available on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox gaming consoles, not for personal computers. The original PC game was released in 1999 and also allowed players to play as any of the same three classes of characters. However, instead of being an RTS game, this PC version allows for three people to play together in either an online multiplayer mode; the game can also be played solo in a first person campaign mode. The controls for “Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction” are different on the computer version, but the graphic quality is comparable to the video game; better visual quality may be achieved by using a high definition screen.