What Is an Alien Race Name Generator?


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An alien race name generator is a device that science fiction writers can use to help assist them with creating races. The tool automatically comes up with a generic alien race name that the writer can use or modify to suit their needs.

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Writers who are creating new alien races for their books might rely on a name generator. Most generators do not offer details on the new race, so the writer will still need to add their creative input. The generator can also be used in role playing games to help create new and interesting characters.

Some alien name generators work better than others. Each one has thousands of names to display. Some will offer unlimited combinations of names because they randomly combine syllables, rather than just display names. This helps the writer get a more unique name and allows him to develop the race a lot easier.

Most alien race name generators are web-based and don't require a software download. The writer is able to filter out names he doesn't like. If the generator doesn't come up with any names that he likes, the writer is often able to just refresh and get a completely new list of names to use.

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