How Do You Get an Alien Birthpod to Have Babies?

To make an Alien Birthpod Birthing Alien give birth to its babies, remove the Mother alien from its shell, and then grasp it firmly. Massage the back of the alien gently to widen the birth canal, which may be located either on the back or the back of the alien's head, and gently squeeze out the baby aliens.

Alien Birthpod Birthing Aliens are toys for children who love slimy, gooey aliens. The toys are made by H. Grossman Ltd. in the United Kingdom. The Alien range of toys includes baby aliens inside plastic eggs filled with slime and the popular Birthpod Aliens, which birth small alien toys that grow larger after being placed inside a freezer for several hours.

The backstory of the alien toys explains that they are from the planet Scardox. The aliens have come to Earth to breed and wrest control of the world from the human race. Children help the aliens by releasing them from their plastic shells and allowing the Birth Aliens to release their slimy babies into the world.

Other types of alien toys in the company's toy range include Alien Fizz Pods, which release baby aliens after being submersed in water, and Alien Cosmo Lights, which are pods that contain baby aliens that light up when nudged or moved.