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"Akinator, the Web Genie" is an Internet and mobile app game created in France in 2007. Gameplay of "Akinator, the Web Genie" is similar to gameplay in the game "Twenty Questions," in which Akinator attempts to guess what character the player is thinking about.

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"Akinator, the Web Genie" became famous in Europe in 2009 in 2010 in Japan. It has gone on to receive high ranks in the Google Play store. After the player presses the "play" button, she is asked to think of a character. The characters the player can think of can be real or fictional. Akinator then asks a series of 25 questions picked from its artificial intelligence that selects the best questions to ask the player. Answers range from concrete "yes" and "no" to "Maybe," "Probably not," and "not known."

If the game can guess the character before the end of the 25 questions, it automatically asks the player if the character it picked is correct. Otherwise, at the end of the series of questions, the game asks the player if its chosen character is correct. If it is wrong, it chooses again, up to a total of three guesses. At that point, the game asks the player to input the correct answer, expanding its choices for the players that come afterward.

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