How do you age metal?


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To age metal, scuff the metal with sandpaper, and sprinkle it with salt. Soak the metal in bleach for two days, then soak it in salted vinegar for two more days. You need salt, sandpaper, bleach, salted vinegar, gloves, a face mask, a rag, hydrogen peroxide, a spray bottle, water, white vinegar and a plastic container.

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  1. Scuff the metal

    Choose a well-ventilated work area with open doors and windows. Use fine-grit sandpaper to sand the metal where you want rust to form. The deeper you sand, the more rust you can create. If using finished metal, sand off the protective coating.

  2. Rust the metal

    Pour standard hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle, and generously wet the surface of your metal. Immediately add table salt to the metal, and wait for the rust to form. Rinse the metal clean with cool water, and put the piece into a plastic container.

  3. Soak the metal

    Put on a pair of gloves and a face mask. Pour bleach into the container until it covers the metal. Cover the container with a lid, and let it sit for two days. Drain the bleach into a toilet, and replace the bleach with white vinegar. Add a handful of salt to the vinegar. Leave the metal in the vinegar for another two days. Drain the vinegar, and allow the metal to air dry.

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