What Do You Do After You Catch All of the Unown on SoulSilver?

After capturing all 26 Unown in the Ruins of Alph, the player can complete the Unown Report that is given to the player by one of the researchers in the ruins. Then the player can capture the exclamation point and question mark Unown.

The Ruins of Alph are located within the Johto region, southwest of Violet City. They are accessible as soon as the player reaches Violet City. The only wild Pokémon that can be found in the ruins are Unown.

Four slide puzzles are in this area that the player can solve. Each puzzle solved unlocks a set of Unown that can be caught in the Ruins. Completing the puzzles, in any order, causes one of the researchers to give the player the Unown Report. This key item compiles the different types of Unown that the player captures. The first seven pages of the report document Unown A through Z. After completing the first seven pages, the eighth page displays a message written using Unown lettering. The message reads, "Our friends look up and heartily congratulate us." Speaking to the researchers causes them to say that they do not know the meaning and need to continue examining the ruins. Finally, the exclamation and question mark Unown appear in the ruins.