What Do I Do After I Go Into the Abandoned Ship in Pokemon Emerald?

The abandoned ship has a number of treasures and is a good place to train, but the main goal is to obtain the Scanner. It can be found at the very bottom of the ship.

To explore the whole ship, players will need a Pok?mon that has the HM03 (Surf) and HM08 (Dive) techniques. The upper level of the ship contains one item and two trainers that can be battled. Going downstairs takes the player to the bottom level of the ship where players can meet two more trainers and another item.

There's also a door to a storage room in the bottom level, but it's locked. To find the key, take the stairs in the top-left corner to access a new portion of the upper level. The door at the bottom-right leads up to the top deck where the player can find the storage key on the floor of an office. Opening the storage room reveals technique TM13 (Ice Beam).

Back in the basement, there is a room directly in the middle that has a deep pool of water. Using the Dive technique here brings the player to a path that leads to an isolated area of the ship with several rooms. As the player explores the rooms, he sees brief flashes of light. Pressing A where the flash occurred may reveal a door key. The last door unlocked will have the Scanner behind it. The Scanner can be traded to Capt. Stern in Slateport Harbor for either a Deepseatooth or a Deepseascale.