What Affects the Value of Goebel Figurines?

Goebel figurines are appraised for value by three major distinct features, which are the age, condition and rarity of the porcelain miniatures. The Goebel stamp and the mold number imprinted on the figurines also contributes to its value.

There have been prices of these miniature works of art from about $25 to as high as $1,200 or more. Most Goebel figurines are animals, birds and flowers. In 1935, however, Franz Goebel commissioned the artwork of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, also known as Berta Hummel, to form the Hummel line of porcelain figurines.

The Goebel Hummel figurines are intricately hand-crafted children depicted in the whimsical drawings and sketches of the Franciscan Catholic sister. There were plates and bells also cast with her artwork embellished on them. She risked her life during World War II Nazi Germany to bring her artwork to the forefront. Sister Hummel worked under strenuous and difficult conditions because her work was banned by the Nazis.

Eventually, the Hummel division of Goebel Porzellan GmbH was sold in 2008 to Manufaktur Rodental. In 1950, Walt Disney negotiated a deal with Franz Goebel to use some of his characters in the Goebel figurine collections, which feature Bambi and other famous Disney characters. There are several collections that carry on the Goebel tradition of producing fine porcelain figurines.