What Affects the Value of a 1922 Liberty Dollar?


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Whether or not a 1922 US Mint silver dollar is valued at the low end or the high end of the scale is determined by where the coin was minted and its condition.1922 US Mint silver dollars are worth at least $20.77 and at most $33.60, as of 2015.

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US Mint silver dollars from the era between 1921 and 1935 are referred to as "Peace Dollars," and the rarest and most valuable silver dollars from this era are the 1921 and 1928 coin. The value of a coin is most affected by the condition it is in. Collectors rank coins on a scale from good to extremely fine, and uncirculated coins are always worth more. Condition includes things like whether there are any visible dents, irregularities or flaws.

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