What Are Some Advantages of Duplicate Bridge Scoring?


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The main advantage of duplicate bridge is that all players play exactly the same deals, hence the element of a player having an advantage over others based on the cards in possession is minimized. Players can also check hand records after the game to see where they went wrong.

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As opposed to social or rubber bridge, which typically involve just four players, duplicate bridge is a tournament organized for many players. A comparison method called matchpoints determines the final score of the game, as opposed to the traditional method of using just the total points.

Duplicate bridge also differs from rubber bridge in terms of tactic. The dealer only shuffles and deals the cards at the first table. Players receive the cards in a board, which is marked N, E, S and W, and they must return the cards to the correct slots after playing the board. Players also don't throw cards in the middle of the table. Instead, they keep their own cards in front of them, turning each card they play face down after the trick is over.

In duplicate bridge, a new deal is unrelated to what happened on a previous deal. Players don't carry forward any scores. Instead, after each board, both sides start over from zero again.

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