What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Photocopier?

Advantages for photocopiers include making copies of pages quickly, relatively cheaply and easy correlation of pages, while disadvantages include the need for maintenance, annual servicing and the high cost to purchase. To reduce the initial cost of a photocopier, it is possible to buy reconditioned photocopiers or rent them.

Reconditioned photocopiers are cheaper initially, but can suffer problems earlier and can cost more in maintenance costs and have a shorter lifespan than a new one. It is also beneficial to the environment as large parts of photocopiers would have otherwise ended up in landfill sites. If the company is looking to offer photocopying for customers, this has the advantage of increasing footfall to the store and possible increase in income. Disadvantages include a dedicated member of staff when demand is high and the need to consider the demand for services in the area.

Other problems regarding photocopiers is photocopying copyrighted-protected materials. The idea of fair use in the United States allows people to make photocopies or articles or chapters of books for research, but not to avoid paying for the material. When students are required to use photocopies of articles, handouts or graphics used in readers that are protected, the copy center or the instructor must make sure there the copyright is cleared before the reader is printed and that each item is attributed clearly.