What Are Some of the Advantages of Becoming a VIP in the MovieStarPlanet Game?


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Some of the advantages of VIP membership in the online game "MovieStarPlanet" include additional virtual currency, extra experience points to level up player characters, the ability to give more autographs to fans and an increase to player friend limits, as of 2015. The membership also grants the player access to exclusive store items and additional spins on the daily StarCoin wheel.

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The game "MovieStarPlanet" is an online virtual world for children that encourages healthy socialization through a theme of fame and the journey to become a popular movie star. It is possible for players to sign up and play for free, though the game also offers several tiers of paid account types, known as VIP memberships. The benefits of these memberships focus on expanding the player functionality within the game, such as by providing the players with special virtual currency to spend on vanity items in addition to the game's standard currency.

Each of the three levels, Normal, Elite and STAR, offer approximately the same benefits but in different amounts. For example, the STAR VIP membership gives players a larger experience bonus than the Normal VIP membership. Each tier also allows players to purchase special VIP-exclusive avatar customization items from the game's virtual store. Within each tier are four different membership durations, ranging from one week to one year.

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