How Do You Adopt a Virtual Baby?


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Adopt a virtual baby by playing "The Sims 4" or "My Baby Sim." "The Sims 4" is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X systems, and "My Baby Sim" works on iOS devices.

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To adopt a virtual baby in "The Sims 4," select the Adoption option. The computer shows the names and pictures of available babies. Click on the one you want to adopt. Your character then walks out of the house, disappears on the street and does not return for an hour. The game notifies you that your character is coming back home with a new family member and allows you to change the name of the baby.

When the Sim returns, the game displays confetti and magically puts the baby in the bassinet. Adoption costs 1,000 Simoleons, the in-game currency. Players must feed, play with and clean their babies and make sure he gets enough sleep. Green clouds indicate that a diaper change is necessary, and crying means that the baby needs food or entertainment.

Available for free, "My Baby Sim" claims to be a realistic parenthood simulator. Players can adopt a baby and cater to his needs by changing diapers, giving him toys and feeding the baby. The application can send notifications during night time. It also logs user behavior and grades parenthood performance.

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