How Do You Adopt a Reborn Doll?


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To obtain a Reborn baby doll, purchase one from a site such as Reborns.com, RebornDollMart.com, StillMomentsNursery.com or ShellysRebornDolls.com. Alternatively, people who enjoy arts and crafts can construct their own reborn dolls using a reborn doll kit, such as those offered by BountifulBaby.com.

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Reborns.com sells reborn dolls that are made by a number of different artisans. Some of the artists take requests from buyers to make custom reborn babies. As of October 2015, dolls on the site cost between $125 and $1300. More intricately crafted and dressed dolls tend to be more expensive than simpler models; twins are also more expensive than single dolls. The site's Babies for Adoption page features dolls available for sale.

RebornDollMart.com sells reborn baby dolls, doll kits and accessories. The company advises consumers to consider gender, facial expression, material and accessories before purchasing a doll. The site's doll kits are designed for beginning doll makers, and contain all the materials necessary to create a doll; however, they do not include the doll itself. Brands available on the site include Ashton Drake dolls, Berenguer dolls and OOAK dolls.

StillMomentsNursery.com offers custom reborn dolls. Users may order the dolls by hair color, eye color and size, which ranges from preemie to child-sized dolls. Starter doll kits, accessories and tutorials are available to those who wish to make their own reborn dolls. The site also offers sculpting supplies and discounts on bulk buying options. Most dolls on the site are made by Australian doll artist Nikki Holland.

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