How Do You Adopt a Newborn Doll?


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Judy’s Doll Middleton Newborn Nursery Adoption Centre and Doll Outlet give you a chance to adopt a newborn doll. Judy’s Doll and Doll Outlet provide you with a unique adoption experience to cherish forever.

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To adopt a newborn doll at Judy’s Doll, you need to schedule a special appointment to visit Judy’s Doll at a time that fits its schedule of events. Judy Putz, the founder and owner of Judy’s Doll, is always ready to speak to you personally and answer questions you may have. Due to the popularity of Judy’s Doll, you can also adopt a doll through the store’s E-store.

After adoption, you receive a choice of Middleton Newborn Nursery baby doll, one outfit of your choice, a baby blanket of your choice and an ID bracelet. Additionally, you also receive a completed birth certificate with an embossed footprint, a new parent pin and a picture of you and the newborn doll. According to JudysDolls.com, the cost of the adoption package is $140 including sales tax.

To adopt a doll at Doll Outlet, you need to visit the baby doll nursery adoption center. Doll Outlet provides you with over hundreds of dolls to choose from or make you own baby too. They also have lots of accessories for the new doll including pacifiers, rattles, blankets and diapers.

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