How Do You Adopt a FooPet Online?

How Do You Adopt a FooPet Online?

Adopt a FooPet by visiting the official website and selecting a breed of pet. Once the breed is selected, the website directs the user to various pages from which he can name his pet and provide information such as his date of birth.

FooPets are virtual reality pets that are designed to simulate the experience of having a real pet. The biggest requirement for FooPets is that they must be fed at least once every 24 hours. In the event the user is unable to feed his pet, it is actually recommended by the site that they select a close friend, relative or another member of the site to feed the pet in his place.

There are two types of FooPets: puppies and kittens. The pets are distributed into different breeds in order to give the user a wide variety from which to choose.

While taking care of a FooPet, items are collected and badges are even gained. The more time that is spent with a FooPet, the greater the user's standing becomes. A person on the FooPet website may even sell his FooPet if he meets certain qualifications.

FooPets owners also have a level of interactivity with other pet owners, as FooPet users are able to play with other user's pets.