How Do You Adopt a Child in the Game "Skyrim"?

How Do You Adopt a Child in the Game "Skyrim"?

To adopt a child in "Skyrim," install the Hearthfire expansion, and complete the Innocence Lost quest. Your home must also include a child's bedroom or, if self-built, extra-beds and containers.

  1. Complete the prerequisites

    In order to adopt a child, you must install Hearthfire, and complete the Innocence Lost quest, which is initiated by talking to Aventus Arentino and completed by killing Grelod the Kind. In addition to completing the quest, your home must be appropriate for a child. You can talk to a steward, and purchase the necessary upgrades, which include a bedroom, bed and chest for a child.

  2. Adopt a child from the orphanage

    Once the Innocence Lost quest is complete, a courier delivers an adoption letter. Head to Honorhall Orphanage, and speak with Constance Michel. When she inquires about a suitable home for a child, a list of your appropriate homes appears. Select one, and Constance grants you the right to speak with and choose a child.

  3. Adopt other children

    In "Skyrim," you can adopt up to two children, but each child needs his own space in the same house. Besides the orphanage, you can also adopt orphans that you meet on the street. Initiate a conversation, and ask the orphan about adoption. If you have an eligible home and room, they may accept.