What Are Some Free Addictive Online Games?


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Some free addictive online games include "Papa's Donuteria," "Plants VS. Zombies" and "Angry Birds." These games offer multiple levels of gameplay to keep players interested.

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In "Papa's Donuteria," players run their own donut shop in the middle of an amusement park. The game features different types of customers and seasons. The seasons provide temporary upgrades, such as colored icing, cute sprinkles and cutout shapes for the donuts. After taking a customer's order, the player rolls the dough, cuts the shape, cooks the donut in oil, and decorates it with icing, fillings and other items.

"Plants VS. Zombies" pits plants against the living dead. Players use sunshine to purchase new plants for their yards to protect their house from incoming zombies. Higher levels of the game feature harder to kill zombies and new plants with upgraded defensive weapons.

"Angry Birds" is a fast-paced game where the player calculates angles and shoots birds to destroy structures and the pigs inside them. Each round of the game gives the player a limited number of birds to shoot to destroy the pigs, making the game more difficult and helping players develop their skills. In addition to multiple levels, this game offers several different versions.

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