What Are Some Addicting Games?

What Are Some Addicting Games?

Addicting games include “Company of Myself,” “Mining Truck” and “Road of Fury 2.” “The Worlds Hardest Game” and “Parking Lot 2” are also fun Addicting games.

“Company of Myself” is a strategy game that has a storyline of a man who is trying to make friends. The player reads the instructions embodied in the story text to progress and uses the arrow, letter keys and space bar to move, jump, run and use shadows to overcome obstacles.

“Mining Truck” involves driving a delivery truck full of bouncing rocks and scoring points after getting them to their destination. The player uses the arrow keys to move, tilt, brake and stop the vehicle.

“Road of Fury 2” is an action game that involves racing and destroying enemy vehicles to score points and money for buying advanced weapons. The player shields the vehicle by using the mouse to aim and shoot the enemies.

“The Worlds Hardest Game” contains 30 levels and requires players to move towards the green area to advance by avoiding blue circles. Players use the arrow keys to move and collect the yellow circles and score after completing all the levels.

“Parking Lot 2” involves parking a car at a specified location without crashing into barriers before time runs out. Players use the arrow keys to steer, accelerate, stop and reverse the vehicle. They score points after parking successfully.