How Do You Add Imikimi Photo Frames to Your Photos?

How Do You Add Imikimi Photo Frames to Your Photos?

Adding Imikimi frames to a photo requires selecting a frame from the website and adding a photo stored on the computer or mobile device. There is no software to download to start using the standard editor from the Imikimi website, but for mobile users, a free app is available for download either at the App Store or Google Play.

The standard editor does not allow artists to create their own frames, but it does offer the ability to edit available frames with text and some special effects. The instructions below show how to add a frame to any photo from the Imikimi website.

  1. Check compatibility
  2. Use of the Imikimi standard editor requires computer browser compatibility in order to work properly. The website works with Internet Explorer 10+, Safari 6.1+, Firefox 23+, Opera 15 and Chrome 24+.

  3. Visit the Imikimi website
  4. The standard editor is available to anyone without creating an account from the Imikimi website. Users who want to share their photos can log in using their Facebook account or by creating an account on the website.

  5. Select a frame design
  6. Select a frame design from the available images and click it to open up the editing window.

  7. Add photos
  8. Add photos to the frames by clicking the photo box icon on the inside of the frame. The screen that appears allows users to select from the saved photos on their computer.

  9. Edit the frame
  10. Select any edits desired, such as adding text or changing the font.

  11. Save the photo
  12. Save the photo to "My Photos," print the photo or share it on Facebook, Pinterest, MySpace or Twitter. Codes for the photo are available for those who wish to add it to a website.