How Do You Add the Cartoon Effect to a Picture With Photoshop?

How Do You Add the Cartoon Effect to a Picture With Photoshop?

Changing a normal picture into a cartoon image requires that you make several layers of the original image and that you use Photoshop filters and colors to come up with the cartoon. The original image is duplicated into several layers and is then converted into a sketch. Once the adjustments are complete, color is added to complete the cartoon.

  1. Convert the image into a sketch

    Create a duplicate of the background layer then remove the color from it. Invert the tones then change the blend mode to color dodge. Make the lines stronger by merging a new layer and setting blend mode to multiply. Copy the layer three times. Save these merged layers as sketch.

  2. Add the colors

    Make a new layer of the sketch and drag it below. This should be done with the blend mode set to multiply. Choose colors from the paint pallet and paint them on the sketch using a brush tool. Paint different parts of the sketch on new layers.

  3. Add the background effects

    Use the filter to achieve the required background effect. You will need to use texturizer and change the grain type. Select the type of blur you want to apply, and finally paint white over any lines that show through.