What Are Some Activity Ideas for Hibernation Lesson Plans?


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When planning lessons on hibernation, Preschool Plan It recommends art activities such as building beds for hibernating animals, circle time songs such as "Going On A Bear Hunt," and a science experiment about storing fat for winter. These activities give children hands-on opportunities to learn about hibernation.

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Allow children to create hibernation beds for stuffed animals from recycled materials, suggests Preschool Plan It. Provide them with empty boxes, cans, egg cartons, paint and glue. Discuss the many different places where animals hibernate in the winter, such as in holes in the ground, under rocks, inside logs and in caves. Allow children to use the materials to create hibernation beds for small toy animals.

For a circle time activity, Preschool Plan It recommends reading the classic "We're Going on a Bear Hunt." Discuss bears and where they hibernate, then read the story in a rhythmic voice. Allow the children to echo you, clap along and act the story out.

To teach children about how stored fat protects hibernating animals from the cold, Preschool Plan It recommends beginning the activity by explaining that animals that hibernate eat large amounts of food in spring and summer to build up their fat layers. Fill plastic bags with lard and seal shut. Lay the bag on the children's open palms and place an ice cube on top to demonstrate how fat protects from the cold.

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