What Are Some Activities That Make Meetings More Effective?


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To make meetings as effective as possible, Forbes.com recommends considering the necessary participants, beginning and ending the meeting on time, and making sure make that necessary audiovisual technology is working before the meeting begins. Forbes.com also suggests distributing an agenda before the meeting.

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What Are Some Activities That Make Meetings More Effective?
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Meetings take up more time during the work day, but more employers and employees view them as a waste of time, according to Forbes.com. Meetings can be more effective by following a few simple guidelines.

The best way to create an effective meeting is to only include necessary individuals. If a person is not directly involved with an item on the agenda, he should not be included in the meeting.

Begin the meeting on time, whether everyone has arrived or not. Avoid recapping meeting points if participants join late. It is just as important to end on time. List the agenda items in order of importance, with the least important items at the end to either discuss quickly or move to the next meeting.

If technology is involved, whether it consists of a microphone or visual aid, be sure it is working prior to the meeting. Trying to troubleshoot technology problems during the meeting wastes the participants' time.

Distribute a copy of the agenda before the meeting so that all participants can be prepared before the meeting begins.

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